I have never ‘read’ visual illustrations the way I did with this book. My kids took to it immediately. Eyeyah (Issue 01) invites broad-based engagement for cyber wellness. The visuals invoke genuine feelings and reflections.”

Yeang Cherng Poh - Founder of Kingmaker - Asia's leading cyber wellness consultancy.

"I used Eyeyah in a series of child-led sessions where I showed an image to the children and they came up with a set of questions and discussion points that popped into their heads. It was a great conversation starter, sparking off group discussions, without teacher prompts. The children loved the magazine, they all readily chose to read/study it throughout the 2 weeks. Many of the boys read it everyday, when having free choice reading (we have this everyday for 15/20 minutes)."

Ruth Murray, Grade 1 Teacher, Elementary School, St Joseph's Institution International.

 “I’m a big fan of Eyeyah. Besides loving all the illustrations which are amazing, it’s really a game changing approach to how kids see images. It develops a skillset they will need for the future to really challenge things and not just accept and learn by heart.”

Jessica Meyer, Program Director Nike.

"Eyeyah's innovative concept in engaging through arts and visual communication appeals not only to children but adults as well."

Gladys Foo, Senior Manager, YWCA Singapore