Eyeyah! is being used as a child-led learning resource to spark off discussions about important issues and connect students with cutting-edge contemporary artists and graphic designers. We recommend Eyeyah for 8-12 years old, but younger and older children can also benefit.

The carefully curated content fuses art education, creative thinking and social emotions learning. We release 3 new issues annually and each publication is accompanied by a Teachers Toolkit. Using a 'See, Think, Wonder' approach, the toolkit includes artwork insights, backgrounds into artists, art styles, art terminology, discussion points and is supported by group and individual exercises.

For each publication released, 40 professional image makers create visual metaphors, detailed illustrations, visualisation of fun facts and complex ideas. Activities such as mazes, spot the difference, Where's Wally and caption contests  are weaved into the experience. Skills developed include lateral & critical thinking, visual literacy, creativity and a deeper understanding about important issues such as the dangers of the internet, food and health and financial literacy.

Preview of Issue 1 - Internet


Overview of discussion topics:

  • The role of smartphones in our lives
  • Our reliance on the internet
  • How phones can be addictive
  • Socialising and phones – making friends in person vs online
  • Phones as our windows to the outside world
  • Online strangers
  • E-waste and what happens to devices when we upgrade

Preview of Issue 2 - Food & Drink


Discussion points:

  • Food waste and ugly vegetables
  • Future foods / edible insects
  • Dangers of sugar & fast food
  • The science behind processed foods & GMOs
  • The world’s most expensive foods
  • Over-fishing
  • Famous food inventors

2019 Issues:

  • Waste - A look at conservation, pollution, recycling and ‘zero’ waste movement
  • Money - Educating children about financial literacy
  • Sea - Ocean and maritime history

Schools that use Eyeyah!

  • ACS International
  • St Joseph International
  • United World College
  • Guangyang Primary
  • Methodist Girls School
  • LeClare Preschool

Testimonials & Awards

I have never ‘read’ visual illustrations the way I did with this book. Eyeyah (Issue 01) invites broad-based engagement for cyber wellness. The visuals invoke genuine feelings and reflections.”

Founder of Kingmaker - Asia's leading cyber wellness consultancy.

"I used Eyeyah in a series of child-led sessions where I showed an image to the children and they came up with a set of questions and discussion points that popped into their heads. It was a great conversation starter, sparking off group discussions, without teacher prompts."

Grade 1 Teacher, Elementary School, St Joseph's Institution International.

While it sure is a sight to behold, there’s much more to this magazine than meets the eye.”

 Using creativity to draw children into conversation about social issues in modern society.”

Channel News Asia 

 If you are interested in Eyeyah in your school, please write to us