EYEPOP! The Weird & Wonderful World of YEAH YEAH CHLOE

Held over 2 weekends at Gillman Barracks, EYEPOP! is a kid-friendly pop art show that invites us to see the every-day world from a new perspective.

Our opening weekend was held in conjunction with Art Day Out! and saw kids and kidults alike experience the weird & wonderful world of YEAH YEAH CHLOE.

Queensland based artist, Chloe Bennett (aka YEAH YEAH CHLOE) creates playful images that use fun juxtaposition to communicate various underlying messages. 

Over 40 of her works were presented in different forms; from prints to large stickers to 3D objects. 

We transformed the space completely and filled it with interactive elements.

Sound-reactive screen, ping pong tables, never-ending trash bin

Diorama peep show

GIF & Collage workshops were facilitated by Chloe herself. Participants were given graphic elements from Chloe's art and tasked to convey a social message with imagery.

Detailed illustration worksheets were available for colouring-in. 

EYEPOP! is on now till Sunday 1 July at 47 Malan Road, #01-25, Gillman Barracks.
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